360° Profiling OverviewImprove your leaders’ and managers’ performance

360° profiling is an effective way to understand and make plans to improve the performance of your management team. It allows the manager to reflect on their own behaviour, understand where it comes from, and where appropriate work at changing it. OMS will then design and deliver a bespoke programme that will focus on the development needs identified to improve job performance and leadership style.

This self-assessment identifies their level of emotional and social function. The 360° assessment from managers, colleagues, clients, direct reports and others provides further information that can be compared to the self-assessment results. A feedback session, led by a qualified NLP practitioner and leadership coach, helps the manager make sense of the results.


Reflection and understanding

Your manager completes their own self-assessment, reflecting on their own behaviour. Their ratings are compared with those of others for a complete profile.

Peer assessment

A true 360° perspective

A group including the manager, colleagues, direct reports, clients, family and friends complete their assessment. Their ratings are compared to those of the manager.

A bespoke profile questionnaire
Designed to identify the requirements of your organisation

Unlike other 360° assessment tools ours is not generic. Rather we develop a bespoke questionnaire that will reflect your organisation’s needs.

We identify the behaviours, leadership styles, attitudes, and interpersonal skills you require of your leaders and managers and frame the questionnaire to explore these. Feedback from the profiling is also individualised with a confidential feedback session led by a qualified NLP practitioner and leadership coach.

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Online questionnaire
Easy to use profiling

All participants in a 360° assessment complete the survey online allowing for thorough analysis and comparison of the data.

Accessible on any device, the survey has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use helping participants to find a time to give the survey their full attention. Selected peers, managers, direct reports and others can be given access to the tool which they can use on their own device at a time that suits them.

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Targeted development programmes
Training or coaching to address actions

Once the development needs have been identified, we can then develop a bespoke development programme to address them.

This programme might include training and it might also include coaching from one of our qualified NLP practitioners and leadership coaches. The programme will address key strengths that can be leveraged to the benefit of the organisation, as well as impediments to high performance that could be improved.

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Your branding
Personalise the assessment tool

You can easily personalise the 360° assessment tool with your organisation’s branding.

It’s a small touch but it can help to encourage a collaborative approach amongst your team if they understand that this process is part of a cohesive approach to staff development, that their input is useful and valued, and that this new profiling method will give them, as well as your organisation, valuable insights and understanding.

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