Employment Law Update - Fit for Work Service

Referrals under the new Fit for Work service

We are hoping that the long-awaited Fit for Work service will be fully operational by October of this year. The aim of the service is to help employees return to work following a sickness absence. Occupational health advice can be obtained through the Fit for Work website and telephone helpline.

http://fitforwork.org or 0800 032 6233

Employers will soon be able to refer an employee for a free occupational health assessment when the employee has been absent from work for at least four weeks. Employers in Scotland can already make referrals.

We anticipate that this will become a cost-effective way for employers to improve their sickness absence rates and would recommend that it is tried out for all employees who have been absent for over 4 weeks, as there is a range of free advice and support available.

Watch this space for more information and if you would like any further support on managing Sickness Absence, in the meantime, give us a call.