Newly-trained first aiders save man's life

Two electricians saved the life of a workmate who had collapsed – just three weeks after they completed a first aid course.

The pair, both from Hinckley, Leicestershire, rushed to the rescue when one of their colleagues collapsed and stopped breathing as he was preparing to start work.

Marc Norton, 32, and Jordan Pickering, 22, both helped keep the man (who does not wish to be named) alive, thanks to the CPR skills they learnt at a first aid training day with Leicestershire-based training and consultancy specialist OMS.


The two electricians had just arrived and were ready to start their day at work for Central Electrical Services at a site in Birmingham on January 13 when the incident occurred.

Marc quickly contacted the emergency services while Jordan took over from the Contract Manager, Martin Wilson, to administer CPR until the paramedics arrived and took the man to hospital.

The two men had recently taken the ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ course at OMS at its dedicated training facility in Coalville, Leicestershire, along with a dozen other staff members as part of their training with Central Electrical Services.

Clive Ormerod, Managing Director of OMS, said: “It’s fashionable to see health and safety as annoying bureaucracy but accidents at work can have devastating consequences, and it is times like these that people realise just how important first aid is. Stories like this make us realise just how vital our job at OMS is.”

Learning first aid and CPR is essential for electricians who deal with dangerous equipment every working day but Malcom Parnell, the OMS trainer who taught the heroes, said that the incident highlights that first aid skills should have a place in every workplace.

Malcolm said: “This case highlights how important first aid training can be for any business, not just potentially hazardous ones. When you realise the victim was only putting on his work boots when he collapsed, it shows it can happen anywhere.”

Richard Tudge, Director at Central Electrical Services, said: “First aid training should be an essential part of company training and the results from this near-fatal incident should serve as encouragement for all companies to introduce such training for their employees. Once trained, employees should have the skills to be able to step in for other employees and like Jordan and Marc, save a life when they least expect it. By doing so has proven to be extremely rewarding for the casualty as well as the all the parties involved.”

The electrician who collapsed will be released from hospital shortly after having serious surgery for stents, and doctors have said that if the two heroes had not been present to perform CPR and contact emergency services when they did, their colleague would not have survived.

Jordan Pickering is chuffed to bits with the result, as is his company and safety training providers. Richard continues: “Jordan was really interested in the First Aid training course, it struck a true chord with him and he got so involved with the training day. I don’t think he expected to be involved in a real-life situation any time soon, but the training enabled him to be able to conduct CPR confidently and safely. He is very proud.”

Both Central Electrical Services and OMS have expressed their pride in the men for their courage and for their quick response.

Malcolm at OMS said: “I am incredibly proud of the two guys who were on my course and that they had the confidence to step in quickly to help in what was literally a life and death situation, hearing something like this makes my job very rewarding.”

OMS, based in Bardon Hill in Leicestershire, is a training and consultancy specialist for a variety of industries including building and construction. Clients include: AIG, Balfour Beatty, Stobart Group, Caterpillar, BT, Molson Coors and Morgan Sindall. They also provide tailored training packages for organisations of all sizes on subjects such as construction site safety, first aid, fire safety and leadership and management.