OMS Talking About - Business Continuity Week

Last week was Business Continuity Week and at OMS we wanted to take this opportunity to provide an insight into the importance of rolling out a Business Continuity Plan for 2016 and the importance of planning ahead!

The concept of business continuity was developed in the mid-1980s as a new way of managing risk.  The basis of business continuity management is that it is the key responsibility of company directors to ensure the continuation of the business functionality at all times and under any circumstances.

If you take the time to develop and implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) it will pay dividends, if your organisation has an incident that disrupts your ability to make or deliver your products and services to your customer.  It may save your business a fortune and will dramatically reduce the impact on your customers, who may go elsewhere if you are unable to supply them.

When going through the process of developing a BCP it will make you consider the current level of risk and resilience you have in your organisation and highlight your organisation’s current vulnerabilities.   This allows you to consider whether you need to increase the resilience in these areas and/or have a good plan in place to recover the failure.

You also need to consider your organisation’s suppliers.  Ensuring that your key suppliers, stakeholders also have an effective business continuity plan in place can help ensure that any incident does not have a domino effect on your business.

By planning, developing, testing and carrying out exercises with fully documented support procedures will assist the management of risks to ensure that your organisation can continue and run effectively to at least a pre-determined minimum level and in doing so,  ensuring that you are able to achieve a continued service during and beyond an emergency situation.

Additional benefits could not only be keeping your organisation running, but possible reduced insurance premiums, being awarded a preferred supplier status, winning extra business not to mention analysis identification of efficiency savings.

Business Continuity Awareness Week was a great opportunity to raise company profiles within every industry sector and for senior management to endorse and colleagues getting involved.

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