The Office Management Career PathwayOffice Manager

An office manager has to develop a broad range of practical skills and knowledge to facilitate the smooth running of an office.

A structured approach to training and development means that you learn how to contribute towards a safe working environment, communicate effectively with colleagues and customers, and manage your own workload. Your move from coordinator or administrator into management will be supported by ILM accredited training, which helps you to develop a more strategic understanding of the organisation as well as valuable leadership skills so that you can, in turn, contribute to the on-going development of your team.


Tier 1
Essential office skills

A selection of training courses that will equip your office staff with the basic skills they need.

There are some basic skills and knowledge that are needed in any office, often to ensure regulatory compliance, always to ensure a smooth-running and efficient working environment. It makes sense to ensure that your employees are equipped with these from an early stage in their career.

Training in first aid, manual handling and display screen equipment assessments will ensure that your organisation can maintain its compliance with the relevant legislation. Customer care skills are not mandatory, of course, but they are essential for any successful organisation to ensure that your customers feel valued and to maintain your competitive edge.

Tier 1

Cost. £750 + VAT

Saving. £145

  • First Aid at Work
  • Appraisal Training
  • Customer Care Skills
  • DSE Equipment
  • Manual Handling

Tier 2
Working more effectively

Prepare your employees for the next level of their career with skills that will help them work with others more effectively.

Support a new or aspiring team leader with a recognised ILM qualification that will help them become more confident and effective in their role. These training courses focus on interpersonal and leadership skills including communication, providing direction, and getting results.

Personal effectiveness is an important theme in this training course package. Promotion to a new role can involve a change in interpersonal dynamics and assertiveness training can be a useful tool to manage this. Practical training in time management and communication skills help your employees to work more efficiently. Ensure your organisation remains safe and compliant with training for your fire marshall or fire warden.

Tier 2

Cost. £1600 + VAT

Saving. £194

  • Assertiveness Training
  • Time Management
  • ILM Level 2 in Leadership & Team Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Fire Marshall / Warden

Tier 3
Preparation for management

Your employee’s move into management is supported by leadership and management training designed to set them off on the right foot.

This package of training courses will equip your new managers with a portfolio of core management skills and give them a recognised ILM qualification. At this level, your employees might become involved in supporting the development of others and our Train the Trainer course will equip them with a thorough understanding of the training cycle.

Presentation skills training will enable them to better address others from small meetings to group presentations. Recruitment and selection training will give your employees a thorough grounding in the legal requirements of the process as well as practical guidance on every stage. This package also includes 360° assessment for up to sex employees to identify development needs for the next stage of their career.

Tier 3
Area Sales Manager

Cost. £2700 + VAT

Saving. £278

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Train the Trainer
  • Level 3 ILM Leadership & Management
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • 360° Assessments (up to 6 employees)

Tier 4
Management and leadership

Senior managers and executives require development that is aimed at managing others particularly through times of change.

This suite of courses enables senior managers to manage others through influence and persuasion to encourage a culture of safety awareness throughout their whole organisation. Delegates will learn about the importance of planning and resourcing for a safe workplace, now and as the organisation develops.

These courses also equip your senior managers with the skills they need to develop others: identifying training needs, understanding individuals’ learning styles, giving constructive feedback, setting objectives, motivating, and coaching. They also help to develop their ability to influence others both within and outside your organisation, helping them to communicate confidently and professionally at all levels.

Tier 4
Office Manager

Cost. £3600+ VAT

Saving. £390

  • Coaching for Success
  • Influencing & Persuading Skills
  • Managing Change
  • ILM - Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management
  • IRCA Lead Auditor

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