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Whether you need a more focused approach to retaining your talent, more structured processes and policies put in place, or want to invest in the development of your team, professional HR support services will help you achieve your business goals.

HR services do this by helping you to create a more engaged workforce. Depending on your aims, HR support will equip your employees with the professional skills your organisation requires, such as being able to respond to change in a way that causes minimal disruption.

An outsourced HR service allows you to benefit from professional HR support in a cost-effective way. With our specialist HR support services, you get access to expert HR consultants, each of whom have many years’ experience in both the public and private sectors.

Choose from on-going or ad hoc support to ensure that you are up to date and working within employment legislation. Our broad HR Services include a wide range of essential topics, from HR Audits and Strategy to Change Management and Downsizing.

Contracts of Employment Top

Contracts of Employment
Provide clear and fair contracts for your staff

Employing staff can be a minefield so start this relationship off on a sound footing that ensures a clear understanding of rules and responsibilities.

This helps to minimise any misunderstandings about your expectations and gives you a formal reference point should problems arise. The law requires you to issue each employee with a Written Statement of Employment Particulars, often referred to as a contract. But your contract will have been formed much earlier by your letter of appointment or verbal offer.

The Contract of Employment that will be most helpful to your organisation is one that has been specifically developed to reflect your policies and values. We can provide you with a bespoke contract that will give you flexibility and secure commitment from your employees.

  • Be clear about your expectations of employees
  • Set boundaries for behaviour
  • Promote your values and gain commitment
  • Manage employee problems effectively
  • Maintain legal compliance
Policies & Procedures Top

Policies & Procedures
Manage employees consistently and fairly

Whether occasional or recurring, problems with employees should be managed consistently, fairly and legally to help reduce them and minimise risk.

It is a legal obligation to have a disciplinary and grievance procedure in place. It can be helpful to have other policies and procedures that enable you to set expectations about the standards and behaviours you expect from your employees. Clearly defined policies can help to reduce the incidence of problems and make them easier to resolve should they occur.

Whether you are facing on-going problems with issues such as sickness absence or poor performance or simply want to ensure you manage your employees in a consistent way, OMS can help you put in place logical procedures that reflect the way your organisation operates and its values.

  • Set expectations and standards you expect
  • Ensure your policies are fair and consistent
  • Reduce problems with employee behaviour
  • Manage problems smoothly and effectively
  • Minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims
Equality & Diversity Top

Equality & Diversity
Improve employee satisfaction

An organisation that takes equality and diversity seriously is one that sees many benefits beyond simple compliance with equality legislation.

A diverse workforce attracts a more diverse client base and sees higher customer satisfaction rates. A broader range of experience and different ways of thinking will foster innovation. Better employee relations mean higher levels of staff satisfaction and make your organisation an employer of choice enabling you to recruit and retain the best people.

OMS can work with you to develop frameworks, policies, tool kits and management training that will support your commitment to equality and diversity. All will be tailored to you culture, industry sector and management ethos enabling you to get the best from your employees.

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Increase innovation levels
  • Attract a wider range of customers
  • Become an employer of choice
  • Strengthen your reputation and image
  • Exceed your legal responsibilities

Ensure the smooth transfer of employees

The TUPE, or Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment), regulations present unique challenges in the transfer of employees from one organisation to another.

TUPE regulations can come into effect in the merger of two organisations, business acquisition or where the provider of a service changes. The regulations can be complex and expert support is advisable. A smooth transition is important for employer and for the employees to minimise disruption and maintain morale.

OMS offers a full support package which will identify when and if TUPE applies and supports your organisation through the due diligence process, consultation with trade unions, communicating with employees as well as verifying existing terms and conditions and proposing ways of harmonising them. We can offer specific expertise on local government, two-tier implications.

  • Ensure the TUPE process runs smoothly
  • Keep disruption to a minimum
  • Communicate clearly with all parties
  • Consult effectively with employee representatives
  • Ensure terms and conditions are successfully harmonised
Change Management & Downsizing Top

Change Management & Downsizing
Maintain employee commitment through times of change

Any organisation experiencing change must manage the process effectively to ensure the commitment of their employees and avoid engrained resistance to change.

If your organisation is changing to innovate or alter its strategic direction, then changing the behaviour will be necessary to ensure your success. If change will have a negative impact on some of your workforce then you need to maintain both morale and productivity. Where change affects employment you must handle this in a way that is fair and legally compliant.

Our Change Managers can provide you with advice and support through tried and tested methods of managing transitions, coaching, consultation and negotiation as well as designing retention and bonus schemes to ensure your best talent stay with you.

  • Support employees affected by change
  • Ensure that change is managed smoothly
  • Design retention and bonus schemes to retain your best talent
  • Negotiate successfully with unions and employee representatives
  • Maintain productivity and meet targets
  • Reduce attrition and loss of morale
  • Overcome resistance to change
Industrial Relations Top

Industrial Relations
Create a culture of excellent employee relations

An Industrial Relations Strategy will help you to develop more productive and constructive relationships with trade unions and employee representatives.

Your Industrial Relations Strategy will enable you to negotiate more effectively with trade unions and employee forums and to manage multiple employee interest groups. It can be the basis of a less adversarial culture based on partnership working and positive relationships with trade unions.

As well as developing your strategy, OMS can manage the process of trade union recognition including defining the scope of recognition, running a recognition ballot and defining the bargaining unit. If you have inherited a trade union agreement under a TUPE arrangement we can assist you with managing this potentially complex situation. We can support you with pay negotiations, collective redundancy and resolving disputes.

  • Develop better employee relations
  • Negotiate more effectively with trade unions
  • Break down barriers
  • Ensure positive negotiations and bargaining
  • Resolve disputes successfully
Investors in People Top

Investors in People
Be known as a great place to work

The Investors in People award shows your commitment to developing your people and creating a great place to work.

The Investors in People award shows your commitment to developing your people and creating a great place to work. Suitable for organisations in any sector, Investors in People is a sign that yours performs to excellent standards. Organisations working with Investors in People see increased efficiency and productivity as well as more engaged employees. They more profitable, more sustainable and more optimistic about the future.

Our consultants will support your through the process of Investors in People accreditation, drawing on their knowledge and experience of training and Human Resource practices. The assessment process will give you practical recommendations enabling you to improve your performance and build a culture based on the excellence of your people.

  • Benchmark your performance against the standard
  • Compare year on year performance
  • Harness your talent
  • Foster leadership skills
  • Create a culture based on clear values
  • Channel resources effectively
Learning & Development Top

Learning & Development
Improve performance with an engaged workforce

A structured approach to employee management and development will enhance their performance and that of your organisation.

To win the ‘war for talent’ a strategic approach will help you to attract and retain the best. Your strategy should include competency frameworks that underpin your training and learning initiatives. Succession planning and career planning will identify key individuals or roles where you can retain talent, enhance performance and reduce the risk to your organisation.

OMS can help you to put in place the necessary frameworks, improve employee engagement through surveys, forums and trade union consultation, and setting up development centres to use psychometric and other diagnostic tools to identify and support emerging talent. Our executive coaches are ideal for supporting new managers or those facing new challenges.

  • Develop a strategy for managing talent
  • Attract the best to work for you
  • Retain and reward your best people
  • Plan for key roles and individuals
  • Coach executives to meet new challenges
  • Ensure increased employee engagement
  • Support your managers with leadership training
Employee Retention Top

Employee Retention
Keep your talent engaged and motivated

Retaining your best talent is vital for a successful organisation. After all, they are the people most likely to be tempted away by another employer.

Apart from losing their knowledge and experience, quite possibly to your competitors, you will incur costs of recruiting and training replacements. Remaining employees can become more inclined to move on and you lose consistency serving your customers.

You have more power to keep these employees than you realise. ‘Push factors’ such as dissatisfaction in a current role are a significant factor in many resignations and can be avoided with the right approach. OMS can help you identify the issues that affect your employee turnover and implement a strategy that will keep your workforce engaged, motivated and developed in their roles.

  • Retain and develop your best people
  • Make the most of their experience and knowledge
  • Keep employees motivated and enthusiastic
  • Reduce costs of recruitment and training
  • Maintain consistent standards of service
HR Audit & Strategy Top

HR Audit & Strategy
Develop a best practise HR strategy to meet your business goals

If your HR practices have evolved over time there may be areas which expose you to risk which you need to resolve. It’s important to support your business plan with an HR strategy designed to meet your goals.

You might have specific areas of concern such as staff turnover or sickness levels or you might just not know what you don’t know. An effective HR Strategy will enable you to define your people challenges and key priorities within the context of broader organisational objectives. It will help you to develop a service excellence culture focused on your customers as well as making your workplace attractive to the best employees.

Our experienced HR Consultants will work with your senior executives to create an effective HR strategy. We can help with a ‘desktop review’ or a more in-depth approach including interviews and focus groups. You will receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings, identifying any gaps and recommending areas that need attention.

  • Review policies and procedures and priorities.
  • Develop practices and systems
  • Train your management team
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in legislation
  • Align your HR strategy with business goals
  • Create a culture of service excellence
  • Attract and retain the best talent
Social Responsibility Top

Social Responsibility
Improve your business practices and reputation

Social responsibility and environmental sustainability are increasingly sought after by clients, investors, employees and other stakeholders.

Clearly defined social responsibility policies and initiatives ensure that you can demonstrate your ethical credentials and commitment to addressing growing demands of social, economic and environmental protection. In a competitive marketplace they can give your organisations a clear advantage.

Every business is different so your social responsibility initiatives need to reflect your reputational, ethical, branding and commercial drivers, as well as satisfy the requirements of your stakeholders. Through a bespoke service, OMS will ensure that your social responsibility values are embedded throughout your business, that your Health and Safety good practice supports your social responsibility framework and that you can report on the performance of your initiatives.

  • Demonstrate your ethical credentials
  • Engage with the local community
  • Improve your reputation
  • Support your brand values
  • Embed good practice
  • Give your employees a safe working environment
Tender & PQQ Services Top

Tender & PQQ Services
Increase your success rate in winning business

If you win business through a tender process you will need to demonstrate your compliance with some stringent client requirements.

Local Authorities, central Government and many larger companies require suppliers to go through rigorous pre-qualification and tender processes either directly with them or through verifying organisations such as EXOR and Tiva. They look for structured policies and systems on human resources, equality and diversity, environmental management and social responsibility.

OMS can help you in completing these crucial sections of pre-qualification questionnaires and tender documents to ensure that you can provide the level of information the client seeks. If necessary we can draft any policies and procedures that you currently lack or we can provide guidance and support on your existing documents to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

  • Increase your chances of winning tenders
  • Develop the necessary policies to meet client demands
  • Present your credentials and credibility clearly
  • Demonstrate compliance with legal requirements
  • Make the tendering process more streamlined
360° Questionnaires Top

360° Questionnaires
Improve your leaders’ and managers’ performance

360° profiling is an effective way to understand and make plans to improve the performance of your management team.

It allows the manager to reflect on their own behaviour, understand where it comes from, and where appropriate work at changing it. This self-assessment identifies their level of emotional and social function. The 360° assessment from managers, colleagues, clients, direct reports and others provides further information that can be compared to the self-assessment results.

A feedback session, led by a qualified NLP practitioner and leadership coach, helps the manager make sense of the results. OMS will then design and deliver a bespoke programme that will focus on the development needs identified to improve job performance and leadership style.

  • Understand behaviours and leadership styles
  • Help managers harness and manage emotions
  • Encourage self-reflection and understanding
  • Ensure tailored support to improve
  • Identify and leverage strengths
  • Address impediments to high performance

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